Mobile App Development

Custom Mobile App and API Development

custom app developmentSometime you need more than a website to communicate to or interact with your customers. Many times a custom mobile app might just be the answer. Our mobile app developers can take your idea from concept level to reality. At Inspire Marketing, we utilize proven methods to build and create your app. We consistently integrate new and innovative strategies to stay one step ahead of other app development and design firms. From consulting to design and development to marketing, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Process

You have an idea or a concept, and you need the expertise to realize your vision. Our expert team can quickly turn your idea from concept to reality. We specialize in mobile applications for marketing, commerce, and internal processes as well as integrated websites to support these apps. We also develop Business to Business APIs. Our process includes managing all aspects of implementation including choice of technology, architecture, design, launch, and maintenance.

The process begins with a detailed analysis of your business and technical goals as well as technology requirements. Using a unified process, we iterate rapidly through design, prototype, and application development. We closely interact with you during all stages, including development, testing, and deployment. This is primarily accomplished through the following two steps:

  • Wire-Frame: Wire-framing sets the course for development and deployment of the app and is crucial to the success of the app project
  • Mobile App Design: By building a vibrant attractive app, you can capture your audience’s attention and make your app a major hit among customers or employees.

However, our involvement doesn’t and when you app is launched. Upon completion, our team will support the product on an ongoing basis to ensure your success.

Custom API Development

Sometimes to make an app achieve it’s goals, it needs to communicate with additional data sources. Our API development helps two independent systems communicate with each other through a programming interface. We can create customized API systems that will increase your productivity online or through a mobile application.

In recent years, API software development has caught on with countless websites, online retailers, and companies. In fact, many websites are leveraging their productivity with an API specifically designed to bridge information from one application to another. Our API Development Services include:

  • Creating customized API systems to promote your company’s online productivity
  • Developing third-party API applications
  • Enhancing websites or mobile apps by seamlessly integrating an API into its back-end
  • Coding API projects in-house by professionals with years of industry experience
  • Providing ongoing support with API specialists available to resolve any issues.